My vehicle isn't sold thank you Automotive USA. All this company did was lie to me I was told my vehicle would be sold in 2 weeks, well 2 weeks pasted and car was sitting.

They kept trying to lower my asking price I could have done that myself. The reps there are very unprofessional. I bet they run their business out of a house. When I go on their site I can never find my car I don't even think they built me an ad, they have my 299.00 dollars and could care less if my car never sold.

I want Automotive USA to show me where my vehicle is being advertised get it sold or refund my money. That was 299.00 I didn't have but the rep made their program sound so good and actually had me believing it was going to work.

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Why would you pay someone $299 to sell your car. Have you not heard of Craigs List, Ebay, Ebay Classified, Backpage. Barnum was right that there is a sucker born every minute!


A turd(or car) is only worth so much no matter where its sold...

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